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Sony A9 Vertical Grip VG-C3EM

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 7312

  • For Alpha a9 Mirrorless Camera
  • Holds Two NP-FZ100 Batteries
  • Extended Grip for Vertical Shooting
  • Second Shutter Button and Multi Selector
  • USB Charging via Camera Body
  • Weather-Sealed Magnesium Alloy Design

Sony Battery NP-FZ100

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 7311

  • Alpha a9 Mirrorless Camera
  • 2280mAh
  • Hi Capacity Battery

Sony Vertical Grip for A7II/ A7SII/ A7RII (VG-C2EM)

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 6487

  • For a7 II, a7R II, and a7S II Cameras
  • Comfort and Control in Vertical Position
  • Holds Two NP-FW50 Batteries
  • Extends Shooting Time
  • Shutter Button
  • Auto Exposure Lock
  • Front/Back Control Dials
  • Protection Against Dust and Moisture

Sony Battery NP-BX1

Availability : IN STOCK Code : 6913

  • Compatible with Select CyberShot Cameras
  • Compatible with Action Cam Camcorders

Rp. 399.000

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Sony NP-FM500H InfoLithium Battery

Availability : BY ORDER Code : njXf7P8ocZ

  • STAMINA super long-life battery, efficient, compact and light, 1650mAh capacity, 78g
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 7.2V total capacity
  • Built-in STAMINA for longer lifespan

Sony ACC-TRDCX Battery and Travel DC Charger Kit with NP-BX1 Battery

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 6116

  • For Select Cyber-shot/Action Cam Models
  • Includes NP-BX1 Battery & USB Charger

Sony NP-FW50 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery

Availability : IN STOCK Code : 6899

  • Fits: Sony Alpha NEX-3, 5, 6 and 7 Series Cameras, DSLR-SLT-A33, DSLR-SLT-A55

Rp. 899.000

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Sony NP-FV100A Rechargeable Battery Pack

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 2930

  • InfoLITHIUM V Series Handycam Battery
  • Extended Capacity Model
  • Battery Life Displayed on Camera LCD
  • Compatible with AC-VQH10 Charger

Sony NP-F970 L-Series Info-Lithium Battery Pack

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 1058

  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack designed for Handycam camcorders
  • Provides up to 18 hours of continuous recording time
  • 6300mAh storage capacity without the memory effect found in other batteries
  • Built-in microprocessor accurately calculates remaining power within minutes
  • Features 30% more stamina than the NP-Ff960 rechargeable battery pack

Maeistro Sony FW-50

Availability : IN STOCK Code : 6304

  • Baterai untuk mengganti batrai sony FW-50
  • Digunakan untuk hampir semua kamera sony Alpha

Rp. 395.000

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Wasabi Power Battery (2-Pack) and Dual Charger for Sony NP-FW50

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 6624

  • Garansi 6 Bulan
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery for Sony W Series NP-FW50
  • Rated at 7.2V and 1300mAh for longer battery life
  • Premium Japanese cells for longer battery life with no memory effect
  • Fully compatible with the Sony camera and charger


Maeistro Charger Sony FW-50

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 6302

  • Charger untuk batrai Sony NP-FW50
  • Sony A7 II, A7S, A7R II, A7, A7S II, A7R, NEX A6000, A5100, A5000 dll.

Sony AC-VQ1051D AC Adapter and Twin Charger For L-Series Batteries

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 3365

  • Switches from AC Adapter to Charger
  • LCD Displays Charge Status
  • 345 Min Approx. Dual Battery Charge Time

Sony BC-TRW Battery Charger

Availability : IN STOCK Code : 5262

  • For InfoLITHIUM NP-FW50 Battery
  • Retractable Plug
  • 100-240VAC Power for Worldwide Use

Rp. 699.000

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Sony LCS-SC13 Carry Case

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 4358

  • Materials Polyester and polyurethane

Sony Acc Carrying Case (LCS-ELCA/BC) for Sony A7R / A7

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 6445

  • Leather Case
  • Original Sony

Maeistro Leather Case for Sony A6000 Caramel

Availability : IN STOCK Code : 6923

  • Made from high quality synthetic leather
  • Fit for sony

Rp. 190.000

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Maeistro Leather Case for Sony A6000 Dark Brown

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 6922

  • Made from high quality synthetic leather
  • Fit for sony