Ifootage Cobra 2 A180 Carbon

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 7351

  • Monopod berbahan Aluminum dan Carbon
  • Beragam Ukuran
  • Bisa dijadikan Table Top Tripod
  • Berikut Bag

Ifootage Cobra 2 A120 Aluminium

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 7348

  • Monopod berbahan Aluminum dan Carbon
  • Beragam Ukuran
  • Bisa dijadikan Table Top Tripod
  • Berikut Bag

Ifootage Cobra 2 A120 Carbon

Availability : IN STOCK Code : 7349

  • Monopod berbahan Aluminum dan Carbon
  • Beragam Ukuran
  • Bisa dijadikan Table Top Tripod
  • Berikut Bag

Rp. 2.250.000

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Ifootage Cobra 2 Strike

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 7347

  • Mudah di Adjust
  • Panjang sampai 150Cm
  • Single Hand Operated
  • Premium Quality
  • Tilt Monopod
  • Bisa jadi Table Top Tripod

Ifootage Cobra 2 A180 Aluminium

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 7350

  • Monopod berbahan Aluminum dan Carbon
  • Beragam Ukuran
  • Bisa dijadikan Table Top Tripod
  • Berikut Bag

Ifootage Mogopod

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 5740

  • For Photography Hobbyist and Professional
  • Easy to take and multi-functional photographic equipment
  • 2 Extensions : can connect all kinds of video or camera equipment


Ifootage Mini Crane M5 Black

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 6733

  • Bahan Ringan
  • Terbuat Dari Almunium
  • Pergerakan Mulus
  • Cocok Untuk Film Making

Ifootage Mini Crane M1-II

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 4136

  • Precise CNC machined provide strong support and high quality anodized black finish increase durability.
  • 100% Strong 6x Layers Carbon Fiber Sections: light, firm ,waterproof ,heat-resistant.
  • Side plates contain 1/4 screw and 1/8 screw holes that can connect with support hands, monitors and other accessories.
  • On the top equipped with non-slip mat, it can prevent your devices from falling ,so you can completely concentrate on shooting.
  • The base contains 1/4 and 3/8 threaded holes for a variety of mounting options


MoGoCrane kit S

Availability : IN STOCK Code : 6021

  • Stabilizer monopod serbaguna
  • Unik dan kokoh
  • Memiliki pegangan lembut, sehingga nyaman digunakan
  • Dilengkapi dengan belt atau sabuk yang kuat untuk menyesuaikan ketinggian
  • Memiliki fluid head yang membuatnya sangat fleksibel untuk berbagai macam pengambilan gambar
  • Beban Maksimum : 3.5 kg
  • Material : Anodized Aluminum
  • Tinggi Maksimum : 105 cm


Rp. 2.450.000

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Ifootage Waterbag

Availability : IN STOCK Code : 5501

  • Untuk Ifootage mini crane

Rp. 300.000

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Ifootage Shark Slider S1

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 5278

  • The Shark Kit comes with a padded carrying case with handle and shoulder straps. Pockets are provided for the extension rails and main flywheel. Without the extension rails, the Shark drops into the case fully assembled. Professional Video Cameras, DSLR, Camcorder
  • The Shark Slider S1 special bundle comes with the Auxiliary weight, extender rods, extended belt and the carrying case. It can be mounted on a tripod using the under- rail cheeseplate with multiple 3/8-16 and ¼-20 threaded holes.
  • The travel can be extended with the addition of the two carbon fiber extension rails. Precision manufacturing of the rails and end fittings to control concentricity, results in a perfect joint that doesn't produce a bump as the carriage moves over it.
  • Multi-position adjustable legs allow leveling on uneven surfaces. Hard rubber ball feet will not scratch surfaces.
  • The end blocks can drop onto light stand spigots and locked, or mounted to a tripod using the 3/8 - 16 or 1/4 -20 holes on the bottom


Ifootage Wireless Motion Controller S1A1

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 5583

  • The first innovation that has been come into truth is the wireless control
  • Ifootage Single-Axis system allows several kinds of control
  • Ifootage Single Axis has worked out a way to deal with the time-lapse shoot
  • Considering photographers needs to shoot repeatedly, iFootage Single Axis provides a record function which can keep total nine traces
  • With application of three types of power consumption and 95WAH battery.

Ifootage Wildcat II

Availability : BY ORDER Code : 4890

  • Ifootage WildCat Stabilizer won the Digital Camera Grand Prix (DGP) Awards Gold Prize in 2014 issued by Japan's Digital Camera Grand Prix Executive Committee.
  • The inspiration of the carbon fiber handle comes from body mechanics.Not only can adjust the direction,But can get more extension function with the matched accessories.
  • The base is available for adjusting the front, back, left and right balance. After connecting camera and quick release plate, it can locate the balance immediately according to the weight of camera.
  • User can adjust the camera position precisely, accordingly to the camera balance and weight itself. With the new memorable locking feature, it can easily lock down the last used position and remount to the exact position for quick deployment.