SRP Red Filter for GoPro Hero5 Black

Product Highlight

  • Red Filter untuk Underwater
  • Compatible untuk Hero5 Black
  • Kedalaman 5 - 40 Meter
  • Filter bisa dilepas dengan Bracket Ring 55mm

Code : 7365

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55mm slip over filter adapter with URPro CYD filter for the GoPro® HERO5 Super Suit Dive Housing.  The H5 55mm filter adapter allows you to add most 55mm filters to your camera.  The URPro CYD filter is a 55mm professional grade acrylic cyan (for blue water) filter that unscrews from the adapter to allow you to add other 55mm filters.  The CYD filter is optically equal to the glass URPro CY filter.  


no Warranty

  • CY FIlter
  • Bracket Adapter 55mm