PolarPro DJI Phantom 4 / Phantom 3 Graduated Filter 3-Pack

Product Highlight

  • ND8 Gradient Filter
  • Graduated Orange Filter
  • Graduated Blue Filter
  • Soft Edge Gradients
  • Expand Camera's Effective Dynamic Range
  • Keep Sky and Ground Properly Exposed
  • Each Filter Weights Just 0.1 oz
  • Threaded Aluminum Body
  • Fits Phantom 4
  • Fits Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced/4K

Code : 6786

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Graduated filters are tinted/colored on one end and clear on the other to help even out exposure in high contrast scenes. This Graduated Filter Set for Phantom 4 / Phantom 3 from Polar Pro features an ND grad, a orange grad, and a blue grad. The filters help ensure detail is retained both in sky and ground elements, effectively increasing the camera's dynamic range for a fuller picture. They are compatible with the Phantom 4, Phantom 3 Professional, Phantom 3 Advanced, and Phantom 3 4K.

Note: Will not work with the Phantom 3 Standard.

ND8 Gradient Filter
The ND8/GR reduces light by three stops in the darkest part and has a soft transition to a clear on the bottom. This is the most common gradient filter and helps pilots properly expose the sky when the ground is poorly lit. This filter is designed for specific photos/videos where your horizon line is near the middle of the frame
Graduated Orange
This filter is similar to a graduated ND; however, the tinted part is orange. On the top, it reduces 1.8 stops and softly fades to a clear bottom. The orange color is designed to subtly add warmth to the sky while keeping the ground its natural color
Graduated Blue
This filter intensifies the blue in top of the frame while also reducing the light on the top by 1.8 stops. It is designed to cool down the color of the sky without shifting the color of the ground
  • ND8 Gradient Filter
  • Graduated Orange Filter
  • Graduated Blue Filter