Gariz Bag Zoom CB-LZSS

Product Highlight

  • Made from high quality genuine leather
  • Adjustable partition
  • Soft inner lining
  • Memory card pocket
  • Provided with dust bag, Adjustable shoulder strap

Code : 4989

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Gariz cases are made to the highest quality with the highest quality leather and materials. High quality genuine leather. Adjustable partition. Soft inner lining. The inside of this camera bag is lined with a soft fabric to ensure your camera and accessories don't get marked or scratched. Memory card pocket. One of the flaps on the top of the bag has a build in pocket suitable for storing a memory card. Provided with dust bag. When you aren't using your Gariz camera bag you can keep it dust free and protected with the provided dust bag. Adjustable shoulder strap. This Gariz bag has a fully adjustable shoulder strap for maximum carrying comfort. Compatibility. Suitable for most mirrorless camera / compact system cameras.

  • Gariz Leather Zoom Bag